Because I Said So

whyWHY?????? – When your “young” child constantly asks “WHY”, he/she is not trying to be obnoxious, annoying, or disrespectful; they are truly “Seeking to Understand”. Last night I babysat my 4 year old grandson and between 4:00 & 7:00 he asked me “WHY” 44 times (I counted). Because I know better, I attempted to give an appropriate explanation to every “why” question. He finally said “Oh.” Why don’t I have hard liquor in this house – SMH.

I discovered that if you give a substantive response to the first why, you can possibly eliminate the next 10 follow-up “Why’s.” School is not the only place where learning should take place. In an effort to promote and develop problem solving skills, oral communication, and critical thinking skills, try “flipping the script.” Ask them “why?”

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  1. Shelley wrote: “My 3 year old grandson , Seth, asks many ” why ?” questions in a row. I try to answer as best as I can but when there gets to be too many (or no real answer), I take a clue from him and respond,” ’cause. ” just as he does when I ask why he asks so many questions. He’s wants to know–and how else is he going to learn?? He is so smart!”

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