Teachable Moments

smartiesWhen you have children, stuff will happen that you can’t understand, anticipate, prevent, or fix. Sometimes, you just have to laugh.

My daughters were selected to light the candles at church. The Reverend called them up to the front and gave them a book of matches. They stood there, not knowing what to do with the matches (never seen them before – OMG – SMH – LOL).

You are not alone; everyone has had one of those “Really” moments with their children. The important thing is to make sure that your children laugh, too. Turn the event into a “Teachable Moment”, but keep it lighthearted.

Ask your child (10 or older) to perform the following tasks and then wait for your “teachable moment.”

  1. Address an envelope
  2. Communicate the difference between Mr. – Mrs. – Miss – Ms.
  3. Recite their zip code
  4. Explain how Susie is their cousin, Tommy is their uncle, and Big Mama is their grandmother
  5. Name the finger next to the thumb (it’s not the pointer)
  6. Operate a TV, without the remote
  7. Actually spell “Laughing Out Loud” LOL
  8. Recite a prayer (dinner, bed time, any prayer)
  9. Change a light bulb
  10. Give their dress or pant size (not S-M-L)

Bonus Question: What is grandma’s legal name?

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One Comment

on “Teachable Moments
One Comment on “Teachable Moments
  1. Hi Dr. J, it’s me again…LOL My son had a bicycle accident when he was much younger. The rear tire came off and he unfortunately slid along the asphalt, face first. He was taken to the hospital for an overnight stay, however, he would not be released until he had a “bowel” movement. This probably goes back to your blog on teaching our children the correct terminology. When I spoke with my son, he informed me what the doctor said and queried, “What is that?” Of course, I looked at him in amazement. I “assumed” a degree of knowledge that was not present. I told him in my intellectual, motherly voice and stature, “Son, that is when you “poop.” He responded, “Oh, I didn’t know.” He was a teenager so was I presumptuous in my assumption? I also did not have your keen wisdom at the time and laughed a little until I realized he was serious. I’m not even sure when or where I learned that a bowel movement was synonymous with “do-doing” and “poopin”. Even now, I am amazed at how children commit to memory the words to a song or the next line in a movie but cannot remember “need to know” things that may one day be relevant to saving their lives (deep but true). I guess we, as parents, should not take the essentials for granted. That knowledge may come in handy someday.

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