Twerking – Nuff Said

dancing-babiesIf your 5 year old is the hit of the family reunion because she is twerking, droppin’ it likes it hot, and booty shakin’ – STOP IT!!!!!!! I DON’T CARE who is doing it, how popular it is, or how much it shows off her flexibility – WHAT!!!!!!!! STOP IT!!!!!!! But, you can’t successfully extinguish one behavior without replacing it with another. Teach her the Hokey Pokey or Ring Around the Rosie or the Chicken Dance.

This is a hard one because everyone on TV is dancing, some appropriate, some not. Ellen DeGeneres –appropriate; Miley Cyrus – Nuff said.

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on “Twerking – Nuff Said
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  1. I’m in complete agreement. At what point is “cute” an infringement on your child’s rights or just plain out inappropriate. I can remember when we got money for dancing in front of company (no internet). Of course back then it was only 50 cents and we were doing the dog. I would charge a lot more now! Parents think the things their small children do are amazing and want to share the experience because they think it is something special. Twerking is not something you want to share with others. It is a magnet for perverts! I believe all parents should minimize the social media exposure of their children. It might be detrimental when they run for POTUS. In addition, we assume we are sharing in a community of “friends.” All I have to say to that is BEWARE! If they were truly your friends, they would tell you to stop exploiting your kids!

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