Stick a Fork in it

fork-in-itSomeone asked: When do parents get paroled from Kidcatraz?

You can stick a fork in it, but you’re not done until they say you’re done. Sometimes you can do everything right and still not win. Your child can get good academic and citizenship grades in school, always respect her/himself and others, and pursue a legitimate career only to find out that life got in the way of their plans. The economy took a dive and took the promised job with it, the life partner turned out to be someone who was raised by wolves, or the car that they spent their life savings on turned out to be a hunk of junk. When life hands our children lemons, and they have done everything possible to become productive citizens, it is our duty, our responsibility to help them turn lemons into lemon aide, NO MATTER WHAT AGE.

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  1. So, your child has done everything right, in your opinion. The bottom drops out and you “take care of it” for your adult child. This cycle is continuous. Your child is now 35 and expectations are high. New career, go back to school, move back in, etc. You are receptive to that? At what point does your child take responsibility for their decisions and actions? Also, have you been involved in their decision process? When do you let your child experience the peaks and valleys of life’s journey?

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