Look at my baby – All Grown Up

empty nestThere comes a time when we as parents must say “I love you, but you’ve got to go!!!! But, that time must be child and situation specific. There is no general rule. On the other hand, don’t be guilted into thinking that you owe your adult child a living, YOU DON’T! When you provide support that is above and beyond for that adult you need to communicate the fact that you are providing assistance out of the goodness of your heart and not because of a debt owed. And, don’t be afraid to ask for reimbursement!

My grandmother bought me a car when I was a junior in college. She said you can pay me back after you graduate and get your first job. In my head I was thinking, yeah right, she wouldn’t dare take money from me. She was waiting for me, hands out (not for a hug) when I got my first paycheck. Her hand stayed out until she was paid off. Was I shocked, absolutely, did I resent her for it, absolutely, did I love her any less, NO! Miss you YaYa.

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on “Look at my baby – All Grown Up
One Comment on “Look at my baby – All Grown Up

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