Use your words – Not those!!!!

like_unlikeCertain words should not come out of the “mouths of babes.” They are inappropriate in and out of the home environment.

  1. Fart
  2. Lie
  3. Shut up
  4. Stupid
  5. Dumb
  6. Butt
  7. What (When beckoned)
  8. Yeah (When responding)

The following gestures are passive aggressive forms of disrespect and should not be tolerated.

  1. Arm Folding (when being addressed)
  2. Eye rolling
  3. Lips poked out
  4. Sucking teeth

As you may recall from a previous post, you must replace inappropriate behaviors with appropriate behaviors. The same applies to words and gestures. For example, you can substitute “fart” with “pass gas.” Be mindful not to substitute one inappropriate word with another inappropriate word. For example, don’t use “retarded” as a substitute for “stupid.”

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on “Use your words – Not those!!!!
5 Comments on “Use your words – Not those!!!!
  1. Gen-X Parents Uncensored commented on a link you shared.
    Gen-X Parents Uncensored wrote: “I can see how other people might be offended. I disagree. My daughter will say frat, butt, what? When beckoned and yeah as a response. This is because we don’t live in England with the Queen. SarcasticMom”

  2. Reginald Perry
    Reginald Perry 3:55am Mar 5
    As a teacher, I neither use nor accept the use of the words or gestures. It’s not acceptable towards me as the adult nor peers. There’s a concept called decency that is undervalued in today’s culture. Especially with younger folk. I attribute the erosion of decency to an absence of decency in the home coupled with hours upon hours of reinforcement of negative behavior on television.

    It only takes a few weeks for me to get the children on board. However, I have multiple parents complaining monthly about their little darlings being punished for being indecent.

  3. Parenting Beyond Punishment commented on a link you shared.
    Parenting Beyond Punishment wrote: “I don’t have a problem with the words fart, lie, butt, what, or yeah. I’m wondering why those are deemed “inappropriate for children” and also, I’m wondering if those words are then also equally inappropriate for adults?”

  4. Magda wrote: “I don’t say shut up to my children and I would not like to hear that directed at me either, so with this one I do have an issue and we generally don’t use it. Gestures? I don’t like it when my son speaks to me (or someone else) with his hands in his pockets (trousers, not jacket). This is a ‘current’ habit he got from school, but I don’t find it ‘cool’ :/”

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