Second Verse Same as the First

I have two children; they are 2 years a part in age and light years a part in personality. One day my youngest said, “Ma, where is my baby book and bronze shoes? You have birthday tapes of sissy for years 1 thru 5. Didn’t I have any parties?” Oops!!!!!

three-kidsThe first born is always a miracle. As parents, we want to memorialize every event, save every tooth, and document every milestone. And then, the second child comes along, WOW 2 miracles!!!!! There is one HUGE difference, you’re so tired from capturing all of the highlights from the first born that you downsize on the second, SMH. My kids looked so much alike that with a smudge here and a wrinkle there, I almost convinced the youngest that some of the pictures were of her (Darn that mole on her left cheek). Parents, we must do a better job of providing an equal amount of memories for ALL of our children.

If you have a third child, I wouldn’t worry too much; they always find a way to make their OWN memories!!!!!

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on “Second Verse Same as the First
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  1. Hahahaha I am a third child and I see that happen with my brothers and sister.I have 1 infant picutre and I was really about 8-10 months and my father was holding me kissing me. Its an awesome picture but the ONLY infant picture. I have twins so they do have equal amount of memorbelia but I have found time to time one may have something the other doesnt’. I kept their first of most (hair, tooth, clothing, pacifer) but as time goes one. I am like oopps that was their first pciture of this or that….you dont want a museum in your home but being the 3rd child…oh the GLORY of your parents saving NOTHING you ever did.

  2. Kisha, thank you for sharing. And you’re right, I don’t ever remember MY mother saving anything for me. When and why did we become “Kid Stuff Hoarders? Mind you, I’m not against it, my kids love to see trinkets from their childhood.

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