One Thing – Two Thing – Red Thing – Blue Thing

(Thank you Dr. Seuss)

your-thingRecently, my 23 year old said “Thank you Ma for giving me a story to tell.” She was referring to the many events, pleasant and unpleasant that helped to shape the person she is today (2nd year Law Student). She NOW recognizes the fact that those experiences were planned and very well thought out. For example, I made sure that they were involved in sports, not only for the fun of it but so that they could learn how to LOSE. Everyone knows how to win (high five-fist pump-victory dance). But, what happens when they don’t win? Do they know how to bounce back? Try harder? Reflect? Make adjustments? These are life skills that they must address in order to be successful adults. Parents, if you don’t give your child experiences that help to shape their life, someone else will.

We need to ensure that our children have something that they KNOW that they do well “Their Thing.” My daughters are very smart, but they don’t recognize that as “Their Thing.” My youngest is a great singer, her thing. My oldest is a great golfer, her thing. But, they both graduated Magna Cum Laude from College (I guess that’s my thing). They need to feel good, confident that they can do at least one thing well. Parents, YOU have to help them identify and develop that “Thing.” Don’t get sucked into helping them develop a talent that they don’t have. My youngest decided that she wanted to be a fashion designer. She showed me a few of her creations (Skirt and Blouse) – Hmmm where have I seen those before? Next!!!

Once you both have identified their “Thing”, help them develop it and never let them quit. They will thank you later. My kids thank me every day. You’re welcome!!!!!!

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