Don’t Plant the Wrong Seed

wrong seedParents, don’t plant weeds and expect to get roses. When my children were young I taught them NOT to share (I know – Bad Mommie). My reasoning was if everyone kept their hands on their own stuff, we would not have any problems. Houston, we have a problem – They still don’t like to share. They never share material things (clothes – shoes –jewelry) and they are very very cautious about sharing emotions (love – compassion, etc.). I have found that it is much easier to provide parameters for the desired behavior. For example, share your crayons, but make sure that you get them back.

Be mindful of the following phrases (weeds) because they can have lifelong implications in the social and emotional development of your child:

  • Be a man
  • Don’t ask too many questions
  • Don’t ask “Why”
  • Home Business (Don’t share out of the home what happens in the home) This one is very important because a “child abuser” considers the act “home business”

I’m sure that there are many more “Weed Nurturing” phrases so please note that children take what you say and apply it to all situations. If you want a rose, plant the seeds from which roses grow.

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