Adorable or Deplorable: The age old Double Standard

yore-your-or-youreYesterday, I told my daughter that an old friend “Hit me up” on Facebook. She said “Mother, please don’t use that phrase again, it’s not appropriate for your age.” WHAT!!!!!!! I asked, what should I say and she said “You can say that she “contacted you.” Later in the conversation I used the word “ratchet” and again was directed to replace that word with another.

Here is the good news: The compromise was “I won’t use it if you don’t.” This also works with music. Try singing one of their “ratchet” songs out loud. My daughters refused to listen to Eminem after listening to me sing “The Real Slim Shakey” – I’m the real shakey so please man up please man up!

Here is the caveat: Make sure that they find the words or phrases that you are using “”embarrassing” and don’t want you to use it/them around their friends. Sometimes we (parents) say things that they (children) find adorable and other times it’s just plain deplorable.

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on “Adorable or Deplorable: The age old Double Standard
One Comment on “Adorable or Deplorable: The age old Double Standard
  1. I said to my daughter, I’m not sure how your feeling, but “I know your feeling some kind of way”. She said, What? No mom! Smh, I got your attention.

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