Spanking: How to Make a Bully

spanking a childSpanking is quick, easy, and unfortunately very effective. But, in this day and age we must take advantage of every opportunity to instill some problem solving and reasoning skills even as we discipline our children. It’s not the “good old days” and our kids are not afraid to exercise their options. They have taken to befriending perverts on the internet, calling child protective services, or even worse, they model your behavior and become bullies.

There are better, more efficient and effective methods to discipline your child. Parents remember the “P” word – PURPOSE. Ask yourself what do I want to accomplish as a result of this spanking. Do you want to teach a lesson? Do you want to stop a bad behavior? Did you have a bad day at work (that’s child abuse)? Are you trying to identify a culprit so you spank everyone in the house? What is your purpose? Once you identify the purpose, think of a consequence that would provide a memory that could possibly transfer to other situations. I was spanked as a child. Mom was a beast!!!!! She spanked us with whatever she got her hands on (belt-dog leash-switch) –SMH. But, I can truthfully say I never got spanked for the same offense twice. I did other things, but not the same things. Repeat offenders didn’t survive in our house. People say “You turned out OK.” Yes I did (I think) but I want to do a better job with my children. I want my children to learn from their mistakes, receive consequences for inappropriate behavior, and think about how to be better. I don’t want the lesson to be tied to violence.

The problem with instituting an alternative form of punishment is that it requires creativity, time, and follow through. After working all day providing food clothing, and shelter for the family, who has time for all that. Make the time! Either put the time in now or put it in later.

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on “Spanking: How to Make a Bully
One Comment on “Spanking: How to Make a Bully
  1. Spanking never worked with my son as well as taking away his prize possessions. When ever my son miss behaved we would take away his play station, TV, phone etc. I remember once when we took everything out of his room except his bed and dresser for a month. From that day on we didn’t have any problems from him.

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