The Name Game

(Mack Mack fo fack banana bama bo back fe fi mo crack, mack) NOT!

Hello “North” is a name that should only be used if you are a Kardashian. I know that the temptation to be creative is strong. But, if your child is going to need a tutor to learn how to spell his name, don’t do it. If everyone asks for the origin of the name, don’t do it. If you want to name her after your great grandmother, Hattie or Jean, don’t do it. And for Gods’ sake, don’t name your son Alice in an effort to make him “strong.” Finally, Sally Tally is only cute if you’re related to Dr. Zeus. The rule of thumb is to select a name that would not trigger an adverse reaction when a potential employer sees it on a job application. Would you hire a kid whose name was “Jeffrey Dahmer Smith Jr.?

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3 Comments on “The Name Game
  1. Dr. J

    Everything is relative. Who would think that the person named “Barack Hussein Obama II would be President of the United States? At what point do employers, schools, businesses, etc., disassociate the name with the qualifications. It is possible that name consideration/recognition might be dependent on the job and hiring official…Jeffrey Dahmer Smith, Jr., might be a right fit for that particular environment. Your thoughts? I do agree that naming your child “SupercalifragilisticexpialidociousAnn” might be a bit much. Also, you take all this time prepping your children for success why would their names be show stoppers?

  2. Denise

    The names are not show stoppers for the children, but it has the potential to be a show stopper for potential employers. You appear to be a fair and opened minded person, I wish everyone was the same. But, I think that you would be naive if you thought that people did not judge the book by its cover.

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